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The Party's work is not only done on the state and local level, it is also done within various social movements. For this work, the Party's National Committee established Commissions and Working Groups. All members in good standing are encouraged to get involved in Commissions or Working Groups.



Party organizations composed of members based on their identity. Commissions 

(formerly "Identity Commissions") elect their own leadership.  


Women's Commission

Convener/Chair: Stephanie Cholensky


People of Color Commission

Convener/Chair: Erik Toren

Email: Antonio Salas



Party organizations composed of members based on their interest in a specific movement or issue. Working Group Chairs are elected by the National Committee or National Action Committee.


Convener/Chair: Sara Katona



Convener/Chair: Mary Nickum 



Convener/Chair: Bill Shakalis


Commission Rules

  • Commissions and Working Groups must maintain membership rolls, elect officers and submit minutes of meetings or mail votes to the National Office. Commissions and Working Groups who do not respond will be de-chartered.

  • The Convener/Chair of each Working Group is elected by the National Committee. 

  • Based on guidelines on reporting developed by the National Action Committee, Commissions are empowered to elect their own conveners.

  • Commission and Working Groups members must be members in good standing of the Socialist Party USA and be an active participant in the Commission for at least 15 days before she/he can be considered a voting member.

  • Any statements proposed or drafted by a Socialist Party USA Commission or Working Group must be formally submitted to the National Office so they may be reviewed by the NC or NAC for possible approval. Statements cannot be published as official statements of the Socialist Party USA outside of this process. All statements submitted to  the National Office will be forwarded to the NC or NAC within thirty (30) days. 

  • All Party statements must fit within the Statement of Principles. All party statements must include a specific demand or directive, a call to action, announcement of Socialist Party activities, or a statement of solidarity with a specific socialist organization or group of organizations.

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